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Lordbound is looking for passionate modders to join us in the development of a DLC-sized expansion mod for Skyrim.

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About the Team

We are a passionate and dedicated team of game dev students, industry professionals, and modders who worked on projects such as Undeath. We’re looking for the people that share the same passion for modding and the Elder Scrolls, who are willing to dedicate a reasonable amount of the development of this project. We’ve already invested a considerable amount of time in Lordbound, and we are currently on track to reach our scheduled release.

Team goals

  • To deliver a level of quality and polish consistent with Skyrim.
  • To provide non-linear gameplay and story experiences where the player’s choice matters.
  • To hone and expand our skills in our respective fields of game development.

What we're looking for:

We’re looking for people with Creation Kit experience who’d like to commit themselves to this project. What are we looking for? Well, all kinds of people, really.


Asset Artist

We’re looking for people who can assist in the creation of new assets for our mod! Think you can make an area more interesting with custom architecture? Kit-bash existing assets into unique-looking pieces of gear, or create new models from scratch?

Environment Artist

Environment artists to help us improve on our mountains, swamps and rivers, as level designers are limited to the amount of time they can devote to visually improving an area. The job involves researching rivers and mountains, matching our requirements to Skyrim with inspiration from real world geography and settings to craft (in)credible vistas and make the world more convincing for the player as they move through it.


Level Designers

We’re looking for people who are experienced in using the Creation Kit and its tools to design, build, populate and optimise additional content for our world. If you have a passion for creating interesting interior dungeon spaces and locations with the know-how to make the technology work in your favour, get in touch!

Quest Designers

Are you experienced in quest design and able to write and implement compelling non-linear quests? Then we could use your help! We’re looking for people to fill our worldspace with sidestories, random encounters and interesting activities for the player to enjoy.


Got experience with the Papyrus scripting language and are able to create great encounters or awesome spells? Then we’d love to have you on board to support our quest team.


Voice Actors

Lordbound features a large cast of characters comprised of all races will need their own unique voice. Think your voice is silky-smooth enough? Or can you do a gruff Orc or Dunmer? Then we could use your talent! If interested, please PM me a voice reel, so that we may find a role suitable to your voice.

Audio Producer (Early November) (FILLED!)

Once we begin sending out assignments for audio we would love to have a producer with know-how on audio to help us keep track of outbound and inbound traffic. Your job is to facilitate all things audio; be it the send-off of dialogue to the right actors, clean-up of audio files and overseeing the integration of the voice files into the mod.

Composer (FILLED!)

We would like an experienced composer to assist us in the creation of an original soundtrack, one that sounds consistent with the one in Skyrim, but also conveying the themes and emotional tones of the story and locations in the valley.

What we require from you:

  • Attend weekly Scrum meetings (held every Sunday 19:00 GMT+1)
  • Be able to work independently and cooperate with others
  • Adhere to task or project deadlines
  • Keep the team involved and informed in your progress.
  • Respond to feedback and direction received from team leads
  • Be awesome (this is the hardest part)

Interested? Then please contact me through a PM!

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