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Since I am getting a dead end with my knowledge of the source engine I desperately need your help. This mod will be making it, but I don't want a simple mod. I want to differ it from the others.

What still needs to be done:
- Thermal Vision
- Night Vision
- Suppressive effects (when being shot at)
- Dynamic spawns for NPC's
- Dynamic spawns for items, useable objects.
- An AI Director if possible. (a simple one)
- Special infected, more types of zombies.
- More factions: Iraqi, US soldiers, German forces, whatever you can think off.

If you have made maps, models or materials for this game, send me a private message if you want to share your created work. Please include your real name, your country, and your state or province. This will be included in the credits section later on.

Veteran_gamer from SMOD Outbreak is currently thinking about joining the crew, now it is your turn.

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