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Searching new members and Add-Ons available for download soon ! :)

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Hi !
We actually search some members for this Team , we search a Player Modeller , a Animator , a Sound Editor and a Texture Artist .
We really need a Player Modeller for the V2 of the StarGate San Andreas Rebellion Mod , we search a good one if possible :D

We made some add-ons and we're going to release this add-ons soon ! :)
List of the add-ons for the moment :
- KameHouse +Island from Dragon Ball
- Cell Game Stadium from Dragon Ball too
- Games Swords Pack ( includes Time Sword from Zelda ,
the KeyBlade "Kingdom Key" from Kingdom Heart,
The KeyBlade "Ultima" from Kingdom Hearts II ,
the Gunblade "LionHeart" from Final Fantasy 8 ,
the SoulEdge from SoulCalibur 4 ,
Trunks' Sword in Dragon Ball ,
Final Fantasy VII Advent Children BUSTER SWORD ,
BUSTER SWORD Ultima from Final Fantasy VII Crisys Core ,
Mjolnir in the Marvel Comics,
Thor's Mjolnir Ultimate from the Marvel Comics too ,
Captain America's Shield ( Marvel Comics again ) and more ! )

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