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Condemned Entertainment is currently in need for talented texture artists, C++ game programmers, and 3D model artists!

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Condemned Entertainment recruits talented and experienced developers from various websites and we're beginning to search for what we need at Moddb now. With thousands of users and potential developers at this site, we see it as a great site to find the right people which we need. The job positions we're currently trying to fill are:

Game Programmers: If you have strong C++ programming knowledge and have the capability to program game mechanics such as running, looking around, combat, interacting, and jumping, you might be what we're looking for. Although our game will have more complex actions than the few listed above, those serve just as a few examples as to what you - as one of our game programmers - will be responsible for doing.

3D Model Artists
: We have a few of these guys on our team already, but we need to strengthen the team with more skilled model artists. As a 3D Model Artist, you'll be asked to create characters (humans), buildings, and/or environment. If you are not good at or dislike modeling something in particular, we can assign you to do something else. For example, if buildings aren't your style but characters are, no problem! We are kind of desperate for more character modelers, so hopefully you can help us out in that area.

Texture Artists: Right now we have only two Texture Artists on our development team working on the game. Definitely not enough when you have more model artists and therefore meaning we need more texture artists to even the odds. When you first join, pressure may be intense since there's so few Texture Artists on the team, but it'll soften and become an enjoyable job eventually when we get at least one or two more Texture Artists.

The job positions above are still available and, if interested, you can contact us via
Payment is guaranteed to be delivered upon either the release of the game or a couple months after - when profit builds up - to help us afford all of our developers and resources. Our plan is to digitally distribute it since it's safer.

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