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The Apokryphos mod team is currently on the search for developers of all kind for the project.

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pokryphos will be a singleplayer mod for the CryEngine 2. The topic can be seen in the groups main page. It will basically take place in a afterlife world where people life their third life, this fact is what drove them insane , they doubt that life has a sense.

Now we war searching modders with the following skills (you must at least have one to apply):

  • modelling (weapons, props, characters) - we are searching modellers that can create any kinds of models, if you have specified on f.e weapons, that is okay. UV Mapping appreciated
  • animator (weapons) - someone who can create good animations for all kind of weapons, rigging skills appreciated
  • 2D Artist (concept art/artworks) - someone who can create basic artworks and concepts for our modelers
  • Texture artist - someone who can create high quality textures for custom models.
  • Compiler - someone who can deal with the CryEngine and make our models and animaitons useable
  • Mapper - someone who can create detailed maps in the Editor of the CryEngine 2 , FlowGraph skills for cutscenes and script are appreciated
  • Coder - should be able to deal with the FlowGRaph Editor / Scrpits in CryEngine

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