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We're looking for experienced modders to take Korsakovia through to launch...

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We're currently at alpha testing for Korsakovia and are looking to expand the team to take it through to completion. Currently, there are five maps at testing stage that require debugging and optimisation, plus there's the chance to expand the whole mod by adding new maps if you'd really like to bring some new material to the table. Sound and script are all fully finished, so it's not far off launch.

We're a serious mod team - we've got three completed mods under our belt, and Dear Esther made the Top100 list last year, so we're looking for experienced modders to be part of this - and we'll need to see examples of work, etc.

Roles we need to fill:

1. Coder. There's some coding to crack on this - some base level damage adjustment and so on, and a slightly more complicated issue to resolve to do with removing animations attached to agents and solving a problem with spawning and rendering. Nothing a decent coder with some Source experience shouldn't be able to handle.

2. Mappers. The alpha maps need to be debugged and optimised. Also open to suggestions for alterations, or even expanding the current map list with some new areas. As the mod is conceptually fully realised, as long as it fits the core direction and gameplay, we can talk about this... The mod is quite model intensive and includes some custom effects and very strong artistic vision, so if you can work with that, we're very open to playing around with things.

3. Optimisation and wrapping. Converting all the WAVS to MP3s, getting the map lists and transitions tested, sorting out main menu and credits, etc. All those little jobs that always need doing. Particularly, getting rid of all the surplus material in the mod folders to bring down the total mod size to the smallest possible size. You know the drill.

That's about it really. Images and video of Korsakovia gameplay here:

More about us, including links to the completed mods here:

Any questions, please PM or email me. If you're into it, once we've seen your stuff, we can let you have a copy of the alpha so you can see what you're getting into... :D

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