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I'm in search of collaborators or developers that would like to contribute to the mod actively.

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If you want to be part of the development team you can PM me specifying what area you want to help on. After that, you'll have a talk with me in a discord server, you'll be put to the test and then become part of the team.

[only serious people]

Current areas needed help in:

  • Sound design.

You are going to be the one who will add to the game or record the highest quality of sound effects of weapons and voice lines of characters.

  • 3D Art.

You are going to create 3D models from scratch or from previous work done (altering models/kitbashing) or port already made models to the game through the use of Softimage and the ZETools.

  • 2D Art.

You are going to create new textures or edit the textures for the HUD or the diffuse, specular and normal maps for the models of the characters.

  • General programming.

You are going to be the one who will arrange everything together by making and editing the main game files needed for modding like .odf, .req, .lua, .asfx, .snd and .option files.

  • Gameplay designer.

You are going to help on designing the gameplay of the mod, helping in things like designing the units (equipment, stats, etc) on a map according to the lore (Legends and Cannon) and int balancing the game.

  • Assistant

You are going to be the one who will find the most interesting and desirable assets for the mod, by searching for sound effects, 3D models, animations, already made and published assets, etc; and communicating them to the respective developers.

  • Mod presenter

You are going to present the new content and changes of the next snapshot, by making an entertaining video showing footage of the changes presented in the snapshots and communicating them through your voice.

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