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These are my recommended settings that compliments this preset well, to possibly further enhance your experience.

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  • Contrast: Make sure this is properly set ingame! This is overlooked many times but makes a bunch of difference.
  • Resolution: 2560x1440p (DSR, check optional settings below)
  • Vsync: On
  • Fps limit: I lock this on 30, because in my opinion racing games look really weird at high fps. 30 Fps looks so much better to me but thats subjective i guess. Just try it out at least.
  • Geometry: Ultra
  • Shadows: Ultra
  • Textures: Ultra
  • Env.Mapping: Ultra
  • Depth of field: Low, Anything higher is way to much in my opinion, just try it.
  • Motion blur: Off. Really, just try it.
  • Grass: High
  • Volumetric fx: Ultra
  • Anti Aliasing: FXAA
  • Ambient Occlusion: SSAO+
  • Screen Space reflection: High
  • Weather: High
  • Terrain: High

--Optional, add 1440p resolution for 1080p monitor via DSR--

If you already play 1440p or higher the proper way, this is not for you, continue reading at the next section below. First things first, your monitor size matters for DSR and this is simply my recommended settings to you, because it's the one i use. Note that this is a heavy impact to performance. Also note that using DSR makes your UI fuzzy and there is no way i know to counter that. I play hudless and with the little time i have to spend in UI it doesnt bother me.

So these are my settings for a 24" monitor:

  • Enable DSR, add the x1.5 to x2.0 and set the DSR-Smoothness to 15%.
  • Restart the game if it was open when you changed these settings.
  • Select 2560x1440 @ video settings ingame.
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