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Darkness Exhumed is cancelled. In its place is Reclaimed. Reclaimed is a sandbox capture the flag game which will be released on the 6th of February.

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Reclaimed is a sandbox capture the flag game, with a log instead of a flag.

The aim of the game is to move the log from the center of the map, to your teams capture point.

There are four classes, Tank, Medic, Rogue and Builder.
Each of these classes has their own abilities, eg: Builders can place and remove blocks from the map.A list of the abilities per class:

Builder - Medium walk Pace, can build and remove blocks including wooden blocks, stone blocks and holes.
- Builders can capture the log
Rogue - Fast walk Pace, quiet footsteps, can attack quickly but for smaller amounts of damage.
- Rogues can capture the log
Medic - Medium walk pace, can heal players and attack.
- Medics cannot capture the log but can attack players trying to do so
Tank - Slow walk pace, can attack for large amounts of damage but slowly
- Tanks can capture the log

The game plays well with 4v4, but can also be played however you like. Whether it be 2v2,4v4,3v2 etc.
Apon server start a random map is generated, using Perlin Noise.For the first one minute of the game, there are walls stopping you from leaving your segment of the map.

This allows you to build defenses and traps and mentally psych yourself up for attacking the enemy.
Throughout the game, there is a day and night cycle. During the day the music is different to that of the night.
The game requires a server to play, which is included in the intial purchase of £3.

You can however play on the public server hosted at without having to set up anything.

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