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Just a quick update on what's been happening with Kalaban and our game development lately.

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Hello folks! It's been three months since the last blog update, and I figured it's time to go over the recent events.

As you might have read from Steam, we released a new update for our game, version 1.1.2. The new version improves the movement speed of the player, adds additional death sounds for the Bruiser / werewolf monster and adds loot crates into the levels.

Now, as a developer, I think the current version is the best iteration of the game so far. When we released the game, a lot of people requested that loot could be found in boxes, rather than dropped by the monsters. The enemy loot drop has now been tweaked, and items like batteries no longer spawn from the Bruisers. That was one of the complaints that we got from the game, that it broke the immersion a little bit.

We also updated the Horde Mode demo. As usual, it is available for download at IndieDB, or if you want a straight link into the download, you can get the package from our server.

The Horde Mode had a couple of early bugs still in it, minor things, which had already been fixed from the one included in the commercial game. The multiple Bruiser sounds are also included in this mode.

Our game is now also available at ClickStore. The game was developed with Fusion 2.5 engine, so they allowed us to put our game to their own digital storefront. The version is just the full version as a stand-alone package, not the same distributed via Steam. If you want to access the Steam community and news, you will have to buy our game from Steam.

In other news: Lasercrash, the mobile game we've been working on this year, has been released to GooglePlay, and the free version can be found from GetJar, Opera Mobile store, SlideME and APK files. We've wanted as many people as possible to access our game, and get to enjoy it on their Android devices.

That's all for this update, thanks for tuning in!

- Harri J.

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