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A lot of new stuff has been added to HammerHelm recently!

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Water, Cleanliness, and Beauty

The new Water, Sewers (cleanliness), and Beauty systems are live. Having these systems in place improves the mood of the townspeople.

Water is gained by placing Stone Water Wells. Provides a positive mood buff for residents of a home that gain water from a well. Indicated in the town build mode overlay by a water drop icon. Cleanliness is gained by placing Sewers. Provides a positive mood buff for residents of a home that are near a sewer entrance. Indicated in the town build mode overlay by a sweeping broom icon. And Beauty is gained from placing Town Trees, Fountains, Lamp Posts and other Decor.

Lighting Update

HammerHelm's lighting has been updated to improve color and brightness.

Monster Mondays!

I've started the process to change out some of the placeholder monsters in HammerHelm. Every Monday I'll be posted a new piece of concept art for a monster. Starting with the Orc, Goblin, and Skeleton...and two more that haven't been revealed yet!

House Customization - Roof Colors

You can now change the roof colors of the houses in your town!

New Quests

The quest system has been updated to allow for quest items. These items go in special slots in your inventory so they no longer take up inventory space and you don't have to worry about accidentally trashing a quest item. In addition, some new quests have been added as well, with more on the way!

UI Updates

The user interface for HammerHelm has been optimized to use up less memory. In addition, some of the UI was updated to improve the overall look, including the mini-map. Perhaps a small thing, but even the small things matter to me!

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