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Check to see what's new in the current major mod update, in this year.

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Hi again, it's been a long while since there weren't any actual sign or words from us about the mod for nearly one year.

Well then, here we are.

New base name:

Since July 29, 2020, we have introduced an all new base name for the mod, "Innovative Wars".
Intended to replace the former name "Island Wars", which had no sense anymore after 5 years;
This means that all of the previously unreleased mod editions, as well as including IW:U for AS1, will be completely abolished and a new beginning would occur.

The true meaning:

We called it "Innovative Wars", because it's considered that you're always able to create your own enhanced and customizable battlefield with the craziest units and stuff possible against your multiplayer opponents.

Secondly, the important thing is that the mod's target is never related to realism or historical and won't ever be, but mainly about your desired experience of fun and hobbies, the funny in-game experiments and fixing crumbs of bugs, which are either visible or uncertain.

The result:

Development of this mod, took 5 years until 2020, as we've now emphasized. Lack of enough in-game stuff availability, extremely poor Internet connectivity, life circumstances, and the mod usually being made by only one person (me) has led to this consequence.

So; If you're really only going for realism/historical or a different genre mods you like then we'd suggest searching for other popular or suitable mods for this game out there.

Anyway, let's return back to discussing about the new changes we've done to the IW2:U.

We've added some new units such as the Terminator specialty for UK and a few new maps.

Also, all of the Iranian cars and some vehicles now have newly different smooth taillight effects; others are basic multiplayer gamemodes like "WWII units only", reworked unit icons, and minor balances to some guns/weapons or unit prices.

You can get the mod from this link here: Innovative Wars 2: Ultimate mod

These are the images we've recently posted here related to the update:

That's all we had to say by now. Well, have a nice day.

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