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War is spreading throughout the alpha quadrant and the peace treaty for a week!

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ladies and gentlemen good evening.

I must apologies for the quietness by myself and my admin,We have been busy hosting community games using the STA3 mod for sins of a solar empire especially those special ones for Star Trek Iconic Leonard Nimoy (Spock) who recently past away and they have been full to the brim, due to this we are planning on taking a week break and restarting next Saturday which is the 26th April.

A massive thank you to everyone who is taking or took part I the last few weeks and we hope to keep the games rolling.again a massive thank you too everybody and see you next Saturday folks. if anybody as any questions then drop them in the forums or send me a message and I will answer them ASAP.

:) live long and prosper my friends kind regards Zwood

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