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Editor is developing very fast. A lot of things are complete - window layout management, editing of object's type, assets management (drag and drop assets to scene from asset tree, renaming, deleting etc), project save/load and a lot more.

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Complete list of implemented features:

  • project loading/saving
  • assets window
  • entities window
  • property editing. All by in-game 3d ui with undo/redo.
  • import of 3d models from FBX file by Autodesk FBX SDK
  • tracing of landscapes by tracing of heightmaps (faster then tracing actual geometry)
  • assigning of materials, scripts, audio files to objects by dragging from Explorer or Assets window
  • Scripts - editing by Notepad, assigning to object, removing.
  • Depth Pass before Geometry Buffer Pass, for Deferred Shading
  • Current insertion position, for cut-copy-paste
  • Auto reloading resources are implemented for the Editor. Scripts, textures, models
  • (by background thread, thus not stopping work), shaders are loading automatically after switching from editing application (Photoshop, 3ds max etc) into Editor.
  • camera manipulation - zoom to selected objects, top, bottom, left, right, front back view of selected objects.
  • UI for edit assets in external application (defined by OS) - opening resource location in the Explorer, import from Assets window.
  • gizmos, for rotating, moving scaling
  • context menu - cut- copy -paste, Run from here, edit material
  • deferred shading finally restored.
  • shadow maps restored
  • landscapes by clipmaps
  • translation and rotation of entities by mouse with restriction by selected axis (x, y, z).
  • local - world coordinate system for objects
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