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We have been working very hard on the basics in recent months, but what have we actually been doing?

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At this moment we're still working on the basics. We keep getting more ideas and finding more elements in the game which we can improve. So what have we been working on besides many bug fixes and little tweaks?

The lantern now has completely new animations, including an animation to check your current oil level.

Lights and candles
As you are able to see in one of our latest screenshots, the lights/candles have been improved. This also included the new light which comes with the lantern. The whole scene is a lot darker right now. Most lights also work on a random system, so each time you play the level different lights will be on/off.

We have made many animations for all kinds of drawers which you are able to open and close. We also tweaked the way you now open/close doors.

We have also worked on locks. Some drawers might be closed and you will need to unlock it yourself. More on this in an upcoming video.

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