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Hi everyone! ASM (originally NSW) has been rebranded to, well, ASM (Alternate Side Mod), Along with this rebranding ASM Demo V1 has been released! The Demo includes both the Rebel Alliance and The Imperial Sides! Go check it out!

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Hello, as the summary stated, NSW has been rebranded to ASM or Alternate Side Mod, I did this because the previous name sucked worse than my grandmothers vacuum from 1912. Along with this rebranding ASM Demo V1 has been released to the public! alot of changes have been made since the previous announcement, and ill leave you guys to discover those changes! Would also like to put here, I forgot to give Giftheck his credit for the X-8 Night Sniper in the README, so im doing that here and including it in the README next release, Sorry Giftheck. In other news mods are gay.

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