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This is the article about Reborned Potestas Government. Read it carefully, battle brother!

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Main leader and ruler

Prophet Bamir Aleppi (Avatar of Salah`Zarr God and main theologist)


Lord-Commanders Council with their leader Enveral The Fist of His Will.

Controlled planets

Enveral, Leprenal, Galleat Prime, Khororis, Eladramano, Rassil, Neo-Liberon, Primaris, Astwix.

Main religion

Salah`Zarr Faith.

Main religious leader

Prophet Bamir Aleppi, Exarch Ataulf


Planet Enveral

Main inhabitant races

Humans, Mahdi`Lim, Liberonians, Hrokani, Hades.

Main money point

Enverus (1 env. = 20 tirab.)

Population of New Potestas

over then 6 quintillion.


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