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The mod will be changed from a big addon to a real TC. Every ship will be replaced. The new space will class units like Battlestations: Pacific Fighters Interceptors Bombers Patrol Ship/Corvette Destroyer Light Cruiser Heavy Cruiser Battleship Super Battleship Carrier Battlecarrier And they wil be set in 3 Generations of advancement with 5 tech levels each Generation. Weapons will be set for each generation as the factions advance

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Generation-1 (All Units Unshielded)
Machine Guns - Main Fighter weapon
Nuclear Missile - Main Bomber Weapon
Minigun - Ship Anti-Fighter Weapon
Flak Cannons - Heavy Anti Fighter Weapon
Rail Cannons - Main Ship Weapon
Heavy Rail Cannons - Main Battleship Weapon

Pulse Lasers - Main Fighter Weapon
High-Act Missiles - Interceptor Secondary Weapon
Laser Miniguns - Ship-Based Anti-Fighter Weapon
Burst Missiles - Advanced Destroyer Longrange Weapon/Diamond Baron Missiles basicly
Ion Beam Cannons - Factions Cruiser Anti-Shield Weapon

Wave Motion Cannon - Imperion's Flagships Superweapon/Eclipse Laser
Ion Pulse Cannons - Advanced Bomber Weapon
Plasma Pulse Cannons - Main Bomber Weapon
Plasma Blast Cannon - Hero Weapon Like the Krayt Destroyer
Ion Blast Cannon - Hero Weapon - Like the Krayt Destroyer
Plasma Rail Cannons - Main G3 Ship Weapon

Earth Alliance - Mainly a Carrier Navy with ships only going to Heavy Cruiser
Generation-1 (Only Facion with Shielded ship in G1)
Machine Guns - Main Fighter Weapon
Scatter Rockets - Main Bomber Weapon with a Brust Effect for Anti-Fighter
Mass Cannons - Fast and Light Ship-Based Anti-Ship Weapons with a Brust Effect for Anti-Fighter

Laser Cannons - Main Fighter Weapon
Beam Cannons - Big Turreted Cannons for Anti-Ship (Only for Heavy Cruisers and Battlecarriers)
Ionized Torpedos - Advanced Destroyer Bypass Shield Weapon

Chainlaser - Uniqe to Earth Gunship Weapon
Energy Cannons - Replaces Mass Cannon
Phaser Arrays - Secondary Shipbased Anti-Light ship Weapon

Dark Lords
Generation-1 (All Ship are unshielded+there fighters serve as Fighter-Bombers all ships are Slow and Heavy)
HE Chainguns - Main Fighter-Bomber Weapon
Chainguns - Ship-based Anti-Fighter Weapon
Flak Rockets - Secondary Ship-based Anti-Fighter Weapon
Rail Cannons
Heavy Rail Cannons

Generation-2 - Uses Some Starwars Ships from all Eras
(Have to do something with all of the great 3d models for starwars flying around the net ;) )
Light Lasercannons - Main Fighter Weapon
Proton Torpedo - Main Bomber Weapon
Lasercannons - Ship-Based Anti-Fighter Weapon
Turbolaser - Ship-Based Anti-Ship Weapon
Ion Cannons - Ship-Based Anti-Shield Weapon
Mass Drivers - Ship-Based Anti-All Weapon

Pulse Cannons - Main Fighter-Bomber Weapon
Mega Pulse Cannons - Light Ship-based Anti-All Weapon (For Destroyers, Light Cruisers and Heavy Cruiser)
Dark Matter Cannons - Large Turrented Anti-Ship Weapon (For Battleships and Heavy Cruisers)

No Weapons Bypass Shields unless it the Ionized Torpedo

The Generations are planed as so
G1 Year: 2072 - After The Failed Attack on Earth By the Imperia Empire. and the Rise of the Army of Darkness, Lead by the clones of Imperion and Master, and there Maker, Lord Oblivion.

G2 Year: 2121 - Is during the Imperia Rebellion of Prince Phazonis and his rise as a Sith Lord.

G3 Year 2234 - Is the Rise of the Dark Lords of the End

The Mod will start backup in December and may be done by Mid next year.
Im still looking for help if anyone would skin, model, Lua Code or can make maps please PM me

Thank You


sounds really cool will keep watching this

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