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The release date for Rebirthe 0.04 is now announced.

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The release date has been set for Friday, April 24. Online play will proceed in the following weekend. Stay tuned for more info regarding the online play session.

Rebirthe 0.04 will feature this:

  • 12 new Barbarian skills, as well as total support for the Barbarian
  • 3 new types of throwing weapons
  • The shell of the profession system. Leveling works, and you can learn new recipes. Though, I haven't gotten the time to write a bunch, the majority will be featured in 1.00 (The date shown at the top, TBD for now.)
  • Numerous bug fixes
  • Better resource material included with the download
  • Plus much more

Now here's the latest update on the mod:

New Skills-
Requires Level 18; Requires Stun
A cut that has a chance for deadly strike, and 100% chance for Open Wounds.
This skill receives bonuses from: Bash, Berserk

Requires Level 30; Requires Teamwork
Create a deadly minefield

Bug Fixes:

  • Fixed Leviathan bug

New Recipes:
Convert Alchemical Potions into XP
Cook Bleeding Hearts
Cook Ruptured Livers
Cook Crushed Pancreases
Cook Cut of Steak
Cook Lamb Log
Cook Spiced Lamb Log
Bake Bread
Bake Spice Bread
Create Stout Charm
Create Rugged Charm
Create Bronze Charm
Create Skull Cap
Create Short Sword
Create Hand Axe
College-Rule Paper
Create: Algebraic Formula for Aerodynamics
Create: Algebraic Formula for Ballistics
Create Amethyst Ring
Create Ruby Ring
Create Sapphire Ring
Create Summoning Stone
Charge: Quill Rats
Purpose: String
Purpose: Rusty Blade
Charisma: Add 1% gold find to Amulet
Fletch Arrows
Fletch Bolts

Sneak Peek for 0.05!
Possible Features worth looking into:

  • Monster Specific Loot
  • Synergies
  • Easy Mode - A watered down version of the gameplay - Not hard for beginners at this.
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