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Progress on the mod has been slow. I also decided to recode most of the mod using the orange box source now instead of the old hl2 source. This will result in a far better mod quality wise. To speed things up a bit I got a new coder to help me out. She will be a great asset to the team. Also check out our new forum.

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Current mod status
Because of a couple of very busy months I didn't have as much time to spend on this mod as I'd liked to have. Therefor progress has been slow. Also, I have decided to redo most of my code with the orange box source instead of the first hl2 source. It was an hard decision but I think it is necessary in order to keep the mod stable and clean. Besides, I now have a lot more experience with working on software projects and coding in general, so the quality of the code will be a lot better.

New Coder
I have yet another new member in the development team. Please welcome DGryph. She is a great programmer and I have full confidence that she will be a valuable asset to my team. Mainly her purpose is to assist me with coding work to speeds things up. This also leaves me more time to work on the other aspects of this mod.

There now is a forum which you all can join. It still is a bit empty now so please get some conversations started there. The address is:

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