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Greetings Troopers! Rematches would seem to be the order of the day this week, with the majority of the intergalactic encounters occurring on worlds already fought over. But would the results be any different second time around? Time to find out.

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Greetings Troopers!


Rematches would seem to be the order of the day this week, with the majority of the intergalactic encounters occurring on worlds already fought over. But would the results be any different second time around? Time to find out.



Finding sanctuary from the bitterly cold night of the ice world of Rhen Var within a series of ice caverns and tunnels, the reserve forces who withdrew from the last battle when all seemed lost, have regrouped to once again challenge the Imperial troops garrisoned at the research facility complex. Witnessing the tactics used last time by the defending Imperial troops, this assault proved more effective with extensive use of flanking maneuvers to keep the defending troops on their toes. Regardless, victory for the Rebels on this world has proved once more to be elusive. Despite a number of close calls the Imperial forces managed to hold their ground, and once again the Rebel Commandos were sent packing.



Having defeated the Imperial starfleet once more at Taloraan, a squadron of Rebel fighters jump back to Parmel to utilize the research station's facilities to re-arm and re-fuel. To their shock they find that Imperial forces have once again taken over the space station, and are supported by another wing of deadly experimental TIE Defenders. Taken by surprise the Rebel pilots are not as prepared for a fight as they might have been, and the Imperial starfighter pilots appear hungry to avenge their earlier defeat. It isn't long before the last Rebel ship is reduced to so much space junk orbiting the planet of Parmel, and space superiority of the system is once again in Imperial hands.



A Rebel commando unit has been dropped behind enemy lines on the forest moon of Endor. Their plan? To eliminate all enemy units in the immediate vicinity, and destroy the shield generator. Aiming to infiltrate the main complex via a back door within a service bunker. This battle ended up going the Rebel's way with the Empire putting up a stiff defense, especially when defending the complex near to the landing platform, repelling wave after wave of enemy troops, but once this location was lost the defending troops just didn't regroup swiftly enough and were attacked before they could fully consolidate their position in defense of the bunker, resulting in a critical loss for the Empire.

Check out this gun cam footage to see how these battles went down:

Once again this week we find the Imperials taking victory in 2 of the rounds. Victory now seems within their grasp, but unfortunately they also lost a critical battle with Endor, allowing the Rebels access next week to the second battle of the forest moon occurring in Endor Clearing. A victory here could see the Rebels capture an all too vital second sector which would in turn give them the opportunity to stage an assault against the Empire's super weapon, the Death Star.

So with two victories losing no points, the Imperials come out with 25 points, while the Rebels with their one victory lose 4.5 for unregistered players taking them to 15.5 points. This week the scores are:

Imperials 128.5

Rebels 124.5

The Sanctuary Moon looks to be playing host to some of the most critical battles of the war next week, with a sector's future hanging in the balance. If Endor falls to the Alliance then an attack on the Death Star wouldn't be far behind. Additionally Rebel space forces hope to hamper the Imperial war effort in the outer rim by cutting them off from vital re-supply convoys which they hope to intercept at Kessel. Exciting times ahead. Which means next week:

Endor Strike Team

Imperial Convoy Raid

Endor Clearing

COULD THIS GET ANY CLOSER!! Remember, there is a sector battle this coming week which could lead to the Rebels announcing an intention to attack the Death Star if they succeed in holdIng off the Imperials on Endor Clearing.

If you feel you have the skills to help out either faction in its quest to rule the galaxy, head on over to:


To register for the campaign and restore order/freedom to the galaxy.

Until next time...

See you on the Battlefield Troopers!


And lets not forget that looking at the scores now the Empire have taken the lead. Will they have victory snatched from their grasp just as they're about to succeed in bringing order to the Galaxy?

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