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Greetings Troopers! Here we go then folks, time for the round five results! Not a bad turnout this week, in fact towards the end we had enough players that both sides agreed to try the 32 player version of Taloraan to extend the round a little longer, resulting in a great final battle!

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Greetings Troopers!


Here we go then folks, time for the round five results! Not a bad turnout this week, in fact towards the end we had enough players that both sides agreed to try the 32 player version of Taloraan to extend the round a little longer, resulting in a great final battle!



Like Womp Rats deserting a sinking ship, once again a flotilla of Rebel Alliance transports tried to break the Empire's blockade of the Hoth system, with the aid of a starfighter escort and cover fire from an annoyingly effective planetary Ion Cannon. With the Star Destroyer covering the immediate sector disabled it was up to her compliment of TIE Fighters and Bombers to foil the Rebels' attempts at escape. At one point it looked like a transport was getting dangerously close to the hyperspace jump point and freedom thanks to good tactics and cover from her sister ship, but a relentless bombardment of proton torpedoes finally saw the Rebels' hopes go up in flames quite spectacularly, followed shortly by her fellow transport's fiery demise, resulting in a victory for the Empire.



Under the cover of a fierce snow storm, a Rebel commando unit managed to land and deploy on the ice world of Rhen Var with the intent of raiding the advanced weapons Imperial Research station situated there. The insertion initially took the Imperial troops stationed there by surprise, and it was only when they consolidated their forces and managed to push that first attack back, that they gained the tactical advantage. Getting dug in, the Imperial Snowtroopers made short work of the remaining advances, and after their initial push was repelled, the fight seemed to go out of the Rebel soldiers. In the closing moments of the battle the Rebels made a tactical move, that if done earlier could have turned the tide, but it was too little too late, and in the end the Imperial troops managed to entirely wipe out the invading force.



Facing Rebel warships over Taloraan in the past quite recently, the Imperial starfleet now made sure that any convoys to and from Taloraan did so under heavy escort. The Empire had scored a victory last time they clashed with the Rebels in this system, but that had been a lucky victory to say the least. How would they fare in a second encounter? Once again a strike force of Rebel ships advanced on Taloraan seeking the vital tibanna gas which is mined there. Once again they held their primary assets back sending in their more heavily armed fighters to soften up the Imperial capital ships, forcing them to advance on the Rebel positions. Salvos of torpedoes raked across the hull of the Imperial Carrack cruiser as it advanced with a Freighter close behind providing field repairs. The Carrack's deadly proton torpedo launchers proved deadly against the enemy capital ships once it reached effective range, and the cruiser's anti-fighter gunners did great work decimating the Rebel fighters as they executed their strafing runs, but the damage done was too great, and once the repair Freighter was destroyed the Carrack soon followed. Lancer Frigates then moved in on the Rebel positions and though several Rebel cruisers were destroyed in the resulting conflict, this time as the last Lancer blossomed into and expanding fiery ball of gas it became evident that this day belonged to the Alliance and victory was theirs.

Check out more gun cam footage from the conflict:

Additionally this week we also have access to an underground recruitment holo from the Rebel Alliance:

This week we have a bit of a turn around with the Imperials taking 2 rounds, losing to a superior fighter force and tactical play on Taloraan. That grants 25 to Imperials and 20 to Rebels. Imperials lose half a point taking them to 24.5 while Rebels lose 3 for unregistered players taking them to 17 points. Adding this to the scores so far leaves us with:

Imperials 103.5

Rebels 109

The maps to be played this week have been adjusted to reflect the acquisition of a sector each by both factions, and as such the planets and battle sites within these sectors will not be played again in this campaign as the battle moves on to pastures new.

Having struck a major blow to the Rebels efforts to regroup following Hoth, the Imperials now find themselves trying to force back a Rebel assault on a Research Facility located on the ice planet of Rhen Var. Meanwhile, word has also come through that the Rebels have fallen for the trap awaiting them at the forest moon of Endor. After securing vital supplies over Taloraan, the Alliance feels prepared to strike at a secret Imperial installation developing prototype TIE craft in the Parmel sector.

So, next week:

Rhen Var: Research Facility

Endor Strike Team

Strike at Parmel

If the Rebels actually manage to turn up in enough numbers next week then, they could secure a victory on Endor which would give them an opportunity to move on to Clearing and take another sector! Similarly, if they take a victory on having another crack at Rhen Var: Research, that could lead the to Ice Plains, again giving them a chance at winning a vital sector and allowing them to make a push on Yavin for galactic victory.

So, those that have pledged allegiance to the Alliance, will you finally show your faces and take on the best the Empire has to offer? Or continue to sit in the shadows and hope others win the battles for you?

If you feel you have the skills to help out either faction in its quest to rule the galaxy, head on over to:


To register for the campaign and restore order/freedom to the galaxy.

Until next time...

See you on the Battlefield Troopers!


I really need to try and start playing this again

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Yes, yes you should.

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