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Greetings Troopers! We saw a low turnout again, with players even exiting the games before the end of round, a very disappointing result. Rebels took all three rounds granting them 30 points, with Imperials taking 15.

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Greetings Troopers!


We saw a low turnout again, with players even exiting the games before the end of round, a very disappointing result. Rebels took all three rounds granting them 30 points, with Imperials taking 15.



Last week saw the front line of the Galactic Civil War conflict return once more to fire windswept plains of Ryloth. Defeated there once before by a seriously dug in foe, the Imperial forces sent out there to vanquish the Rebel presence in the sector regrouped for another assault, bombarding the location of the underground Rebel base from orbit, Imperial forces headed back down there for a second surface attack. Imperial Firehawke tanks laid down intense barrages of long range fire which finally allowed them to push the Rebel forces back into their subterranean hole allowing the Imperials to gain a foothold within the base. It looked like the end was now near for the Rebels, but they maintained a stalwart defense suppressing the Imperial advance with point blank fire from a Mortar Freerunner parked in the main hangar. In the end this hard fought battle resulted in another victory for the Alliance.



The war then turned to the remote world of Lok. The Rebels bolstered by a number of recent victories took the fight to the Empire and their remote outpost on this world. The Empire however were ready. Already dealing with a number of local insurgents the outpost was unusually well defended for such a low key installation, resulting in a battle that had both factions fighting tooth and claw for every scrap of dirt they could win. Eventually though an issue with supply lines meant that Imperial resupply and reinforcements were not forthcoming and as their numbers dwindled due to the continuing brutal punishment of the battle, the Rebels finally got the upper hand and were able to claim victory in this system too.



The last world to see action this week was Bandomeer, a key location of strategic importance in the sector due to the precious ore that gets processed there. Whoever controls this world will have access to invaluable resources. Rebel forces invaded the refinery installation with a small infantry based commando unit, and as luck would have it the installation at that time was lightly guarded. The day once again went to the Rebels, and with this battle a key victory was achieved securing the sector for the Alliance.

Check out the gun cam footage found of the battles below:

So Imperials lose half a point for unregistered players taking them to 14.5, Rebels lose 1.5 points for unregistered players, taking them down to 28.5.

Having won a decisive victory over the Imperials at Bandomeer, the Rebels have taken control of that sector, the first team to win total control of a sector! With their victory on Ryloth they must once again take on the Imperials on Lok, while their victory on Lok means they return to Tatooine and face off in the Jundland Wastes. Victory on Jundland Wastes could mean either team taking control of that sector, things may just start to look interesting!

As Bandomeer gave a sector control to Rebels, it has been decided that the next map to follow to complete the Trio will be Parmel.

So, next round:



Jundland Wastes
(Remember, this is a sector controlling map, victory is crucial)

The maps will be played in that order to ensure we give more players time to help their team gain a sector, this could be vital for the Imperials. If the Rebels win this one, they could announce an intention to attack Yavin, signalling the final round of the campaign.

So lets try and get as many people as possible out there for this week's games. This next round could well prove the tipping point of the campaign. The Imperials appear to have been caught with their pants down for the last few rounds, they really need to bring it back this week if they hope to maintain their iron grip on the galaxy.

If you feel you have the skills to help out either faction in its quest to rule the galaxy, head on over to:


To register for the campaign and restore order/freedom to the galaxy.

Until next time...

See you on the Battlefield Troopers!


Nice, it's good to see that the mod is gathering players!

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Always room for more. Get the mod downloaded and sign up for tonight's games.

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I will be there only for playing Jundland thx for putting it! Thankk you!

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I must say, this mod really does look like good fun! You guys need more publicity (if you want it that is). Perhaps we could promote each other's games? ;-)

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Sure, what's your game?

Oh, you're with that new CryEngine Star Wars mod?

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