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An explanation of one of the sides of this mod, their units, weapons and more... Screenshot will be added soon

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The Clone Rebellion were formed by the former Comando Sev using kaminoan technology to clonate himself and recruiting clone cadets. The objective of this rebellion was destroy the Galactic Empire, and they use armor, weapons and technology of the two battles of Geonosis their base planet


The Rebel Clones are specialized in attack and capture enemy command posts while the sharpshooters defend their advance


Rebel clone:
- E-5 [250]
- Pistol [0]
- Thermal detonators [4]
- Melee [0]
- The default trooper for both sides, versatile but not specialized in anything

Rebel rocketeer:
- Rocket launcher [4]
- DC-15 [150]
- Time bombs [2]
- Demolition trooper, useful against vehicles, but also decent against other units in close range

Rebel sharpshooter:
- Sniper rifle [36]
- Pistol [0]
- Mines [4]
- Melee [0]
- A long distance trooper who can use his mines to protect his position

R2 Unit:
- Electric gun [0]
- Fusion cutter [0]
- Autoturret [2]
- Bacta tank [2]
- Support droid equipped with turrets and health to help his team

Reprogrammed B2 droid:
- Wrist blaster [500]
- Tri-shot [0]
- Wrist Rocket [6]
- Melee [0]
- An offensive tank very effective against weaker units

Heavy trooper:
- Heavy rotary blaster [300]
- Pistol [0]
- Thermal detonators [4]
- Ammo [2]
(5pts for unlock)
- A solider armed with a chaingun and extra ammo for him or his team

(Jedi jump and run)
- Lightsaber [0]
- Force pull [0]
(10pts for unlock)
- A jedi apprentice of the Unknown Master not great with the force but good with the lightsaber

Ambush trooper:
- Shotgun [200]
- DC-15 [250]
- Flamethrower [250]
- Melee [0]
- Stealth [0]
(15pts for unlock)
- The most exclusive rebel unit, prepared to fight with a lot of enemies face to face or attacking them from behind

Rebel Captain:
- Double DC-17 [0]
- Geonosian gun [100]
- Personal shield [0]
- Autoturrets [2]
- Damage up [1]
(25pts for unlock)
- An offensive leader equipped with a personal shield, autoturrets and an offensive boost

* In the ammo 0 means infinite.

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