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Version 2.0 of Xwing Alliance: The Outer Rim Territories has been completed, below are the complete details of this new update.

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Version 2.0 of the XWA: Outer Rim Territories Mod featues a plethora of updates. So much was changed and added that this version hardly resembles the prior one.

Below is a detailed description of what has been updated in this version:

1. Alternate Way To Earn Credits

In freelancer, the "normal" way to earn credits is either by accepting job board missions or performing cargo runs, in this update I have made sure that every ship you encounter has commodoties in their cargo hold; but more importanly every single "starfighter" has 1 gold bar in their cargo hold.


The reason is simple, now you can truly cruise the space ways and align yourself with ANY faction you want and you won't have to worry about not getting paid by destroying their enemies. Simply pickup the gold bar loot and sell them at any base for 1000 credits. This method adds another level of freedom to gameplay in which you are no longer restricted to job-board missions.

2. Projectile Weapons Updated

In the previous release, I left the projectile weapons "templated" until I was able to perform this rebalance update. Just like in the X-Wing series games, you now have access to the following projectiles:
- Concussion Missiles
- Proton Torpedoes
- Heavy Rockets
- Space Bombs

3. Complete Ship Rebalance Update

This by far was the biggest portion of the update. ALL ships have been rebalanced to an almost-perfet match of their respective RU / SBD / MGLT settings from those in the X-Wing series games.

I say "almost-perfect" match only because the NPC AI in freelancer is quite different than those AI's in the X-Wing series; therefore to accomodate for this NPC AI offset, a slight multiplication factor has been added to compensate.

For example, in the X-Wing series games it normally takes 2 direct laser hits to destroy an un-shielded TIE Fighter --- in this conversion, it will take 4 laser hits to destroy an un-shielded TIE Fighter.

Also, all NPC Ships have their appropriate RU / SBD / MGLT settings adjusted as well. You will notice when you are engaging in dog-fights, you will be using your throttle control more decisively.

So, if you are flying a TIE Defender at 144 MGLT, you will have to throttle down in order to attack your enemies from their six --- just like in the X-Wing series games, knowing your opponnents top speed makes a difference when you engage them in mock dog-fight battles.

All INFOCARDS have been updated, target a ship and use the cargo scan feature to see the ships specs. (or you can view them from the ship dealer)

I have allowed all PLAYER ships to have the option of equipping any SBD shield strength, the reason I left this option available was simply for those non-veteran X-Wing players who are not accustomed to this type of playing dynamics.

If you find it too difficult, simply dock with a base and purchase a more powerfull shield (yes, you can equip a 200 SBD shield on your TIE Fighter if you want to).

However, if you are a true X-Wing pilot veteran, then you will come to enjoy this mod update and will fly your starfighters with their normal equipment.

Concluding Notes

I've spent quite a few hours dog-fighting NPC's in this update and compared it to that within X-Wing Alliance, and personally I find this quite challenging especially when keeping your ships specs the way it was meant to be flown (ie: not purchasing an over-power shield).


As stated previously, future releases will include large scale ship attacks against the various capital ships from the XWA series.

In addition to these capital ship encounters, cross-faction encounters will hopefully be incorporated as well; meaning that a more dynamic playing field will be seen throughout the various outer rim star-systems.

The goal is to try and bring in large scale NPC battles into various systems, in which you decide how the battles will fair out; you can either engage and assist your friendly faction, or you can decide to betray them and side with the enemy.

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