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I'm currently deciding to make Star Apocalypse turnbased or realtime.

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Hey all,

I'm currently at a crossroad. I can make Star Apocalypse turnbased, or realtime. Turnbased allows me to implement the depth needed more easily and faster, while realtime is still far from my grasp at the moment.

Personally I prefer turnbased at the moment, because it is easier for me to implement, but I want to see how the community thinks about realtime vs turnbased. Please keep in mind that realtime may result in vaporware, and turnbased will most likely result in a completed game.

I've made 2 polls, one on the ModDB forums *here* and one on the forums outside ModDB *here*

I don't know if the ModDB poll allows you to vote without an account, but the one outside ModDB does.

Now, go ahead and vote & discuss!


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