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We've ran a poll for the past month. The results are in, and the decision is taken.

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Hello everyone!

A poll was ran for the past weeks. The question was: Should the game be realtime or turnbased? The results are in, so I'm going to update you about the decisions, the current state and things like that.

The poll results:
The results of the poll are in! The reason behind the poll was, to see if the fans would approve a turnbased version. While there were some votes for turnbased, the majority went for realtime, together with a large group saying it didn't bother them.

So, basically, the decision is simple for me: Star Apocalypse will be realtime!

What for influence will this have on the game:
The influence in the game will be fairly small. I have to downgrade graphics though, in order to make it manageable for me. The gameplay won't be downgraded though, or at least, not in terms of fun.

- The graphics will most likely be based on SDL.NET or GDI+. Graphics will be very simple!
- The game will likely be written in a .NET 2.0 compliant language, which will also make it able to run under other operating systems using Mono.
- There will be minor gameplay changes.
- The game will still contain multiplayer!

As you can see, it's a few changes, but I hope these changes will make it a better game!

What has happened the past few weeks:
Not many things have happened the past few weeks, but I'll list the main eventful things.

A wiki has been opened. The wiki is still quite empty at the time of writing, but it'll be more filled after time. The wiki is also hosting another project's wiki: Haegemonia Vector Prime.
The wiki can be found here *click*.

Also, a new storyline has been written over the past few weeks. I hope everyone will like this new storyline. It's basically not describing the events at a global/universal scale, but seen from the people. This offers new opportunities for the storyline, as it can also be used in other media now.

Together with the wiki and new storyline, the community project has started. With the community project, fans can let their art and fanfictions be added to the storyline. Basic checks will be done, in order to check if the submitted art or fanfiction doesn't conflict with any other previous submissions. With this project, the hope is that the community will become more involved!

Coding-wise, I've been experimenting with several things again. These are mainly in GDI+ and SDL.NET. I'm testing the capabilities of both, and seeing what can be better used to reach the goals. Next to that, I've continued with my class-library, which will contain most of the game's logic. This logic will now be geared towards real-time gameplay, while still allowing turn-based gameplay. Progress with this library continues steadily.

Progress is still going on, albeit slowly. The game has a clear goal now, together with (hopefully) a better background story! I hope to be able to make some visible progress on the game soon, which will be shown on the ModDB profile!




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