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New patch up for Realmstone, a hack and slash mmo, new features includes Mounts, client to client donations and daily quests!

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Things have been going rather well so I decided to release the new patch today!

Unfortunately the new version has required a server wipe, I have backed up the old data so if you send an email to with your old and new house name we will reimburse any losses.


  • Trade has been moved to a new sub menu called 'Actions' accessible from the instance screen.
  • From the actions sub menu you can now buy a mount for 20 gold, currently two different mounts are available.
  • Patrols are the first daily quest available, currently you can do 10 daily quests before having to wait, you gain one available daily quest point every hour.
  • Duels have been tweaked to reduce the chance that people die - still a bit quirky though.
  • Some armors have had their armor values increase and magic resist has been increased across the board, especially on shields.
  • Waypoints to friends have been tweaked to be more responsive.
  • You can now donate money to your friends via the friends menu.
The server is up, enjoy!
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