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A new version with an additional team, many balance changes, and content addition.

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Adding civilizations hasn't been as much of a priority for this release, but it comes with one more:


Cavalry Archer Civilization

· Cavalry archers +1 attack
· Dropsites mobile
· All cavalry archer technologies -50% cost
· Free Scout/Camel/2 Cavalry Archers in Feudal/Castle/Imperial Age

Unique Unit: Ulan (cavalry archer)
Unique Techs: Scorched Earth (cavalry +10 bonus vs. economic buildings, enemy villagers -5 hp); Bactrian Camelry (Camels +3 attack)

Team Bonus: Villagers can construct rams

Furthermore, it will come with the latest version of Userpatch and all the improvements that entails, from animated water to new trigger effects. 1.80 also adds several mod-specifc improvements building on its features:

Added more civilization-dependent monk graphics
New Unit: Siege Towers (for all civs), which can garrison units over walls

Livestock can garrison in transport ships

Duplicate terrain slps created for all shared terrain graphics, allowing shared graphics such as Foundation and Dirt 2 to be altered independently in ZipRms files.

New UserPatch Constants are natively added

Hundreds of new editor objects have been added, drawn from various sources, including more than 60 animal variants. These new objects have been used for an overhaul of the standard and custom random maps in the mod, where the default objects can be randomly replaced by a corresponding new one.

And of course, numerous balance changes from community feedback are included.


Damn! A new actualization a soon!? AWESOME!! I love this mod!

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i suggest more civilizations for the next update of your mod
The Tangut a.k.a Dangxiang or Western xia in 13th Western China - the ethnic that descended from Qiang - Tibet with unique units of Baxi (the artillery formation of shooting or throwing stone and rock into enemy town that made up from cavalry, good for mobilization
the Serbians - good cavalries, powerful in Medieval Southern Europe with mighty cavalry forces and unique unit (can be) their German mercenary unit - the Alemanic Guard
the Xianbei - the nomadic ethnic from Mongolia - good horse archers. unique units Xianbei shock cavalry - who wore tiger skins in the army of Eastern Jin that suppressed the religious revolt of a branch of Taoism sect and the fubing army (army that made up by Western Wei Dynasty by combination the Han residents into the Xianbei culture and custom for the better fighting- like the system for researching rather than unique army) another choice for another unique army is the Six Frontier Garrison forces (the garrison army of northern border to defend Touba Xianbei nation from invasion of the nomadic Rouran tribes
the Khitans - another branch of nomadic tribe that lived in the North Eastern China before Jurchens, Origina source for the name "Cathay" of China - unique unit: Khitan raiders or Khitan Khan cavalry (may be the first one)
The Chams a.k.a Champa - the Hindunism - maritime thalassoclatic states in central Vietnam. Known in history records for their Wealth, one of Christophle Columbus target when exploring the New World was the rich country of "Ciamba" - that also mean the Cham Peoples are very famous. unique unit: may be rattan armored warriors that ride the Elephant and armed with crossbows or bows (in the historic records) - and mighty navy fleet
Lan Xang - part of Thai emigrant resided in Laos territory and established this kingdom. The name La Xang - The country of million Elephants - known for battling on elephant and the founder of faction, Fa Ngum, followed the model of Mongol invaders formation that had his own army of Sam Sen Tai (Samsenthai - Ten thousand Tai)
Tai Peoples: living on Thailand territoryand posses Sukhothai, Lan Na and Ayutthaya states. These rich countries that mighty with both elephant and cavalry corps but especially in Ayutthaya that army also composed from the foreigners that lived in small settlements in territory as their mercenaries such as Cambodia, Japanese...
Shan peoples in north Burmese. The mighty states with armies that trained with military techniques from the Chinese refugee and weapo from merchants mainly from the north too but also interact with the southern cultures of Burmese and Mon peoples (the elephant tactic)
Tayrona - native Chibcha peoples, good at agriculture but also in the fishing and salt production
Chachapoyas - type of Amazon natives, live in cloud forest and may be good at archer
Culla - native American from southern Peru, may be good Andean slinger as in the Inca history of AOE II history said
Canaris - good spearman in Ecuador
Chiriguanos - tough warriors in Eastern Bolivia that resist both Incan and Spaniards
Mutapa Empire in South Africa
Zimbabwe kingdom - Zimbabwe
Tu'i Tonga Empire with mighty naval fleet in Niedieval Oceania

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Jorritkarwehr Author

Thanks for the suggestions! More civs are planned for future updates, but there's a limit of 44, so not all of those can be included :(

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the Xianbei is a great faction to include although they were assimilated into the predominant Han-Chinese culture at the turn of the7th Century. Of key note, the royal family of the Northern Qi Dynasty (550-577CE), the "Gao-clan" were ethnically Han but adopted the culture&custom; of the Xianbei.
If vanilla factions such as the Goths, Huns and (Sassanid-)Persians are included, I don't see any fault in adding the Xianbei

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