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A short introduction to a new virtual reality game called Realm Quest.

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Realm Quest is a Virtual Reality MMO RPG made using the Unity game engine on the HTC Vive. The game setting is a medieval fantasy in a large open world environment. Our goal is to create immersive game play where players can fully experience the features of the VR medium.

Players will be able to choose from a wide variety of classes that influence the way they interact with NPCs, the world, and other players. We encourage players to explore for their preferred game play style and enjoy the experience we're creating.

The game is player skill oriented. The way we have designed the game, anyone can attempt to acquire the best materials for crafting in the game. It will be very difficult to do so, however extremely skilled players will be able to bypass the level requirement and achieve success.

Combat is extensive and involves a lot of natural actions. Enemies have hit boxes and when players hit their weak points they deal more damage. Melee classes will be able to block and parry as well as stagger opponents. Ranged classes have to draw their arrows from equipment pouches on their bodies and keep track of ammunition while fighting. Mages use a combination of natural actions to activate spells and bound trigger mechanisms.

Every item in the game will be craftable and have an associated quality modifier. How well players can perform a mini-game while smithing a weapon will decide what quality the product will be. A high quality product can have a greater result than another made poorly with better materials. The best craftsmen and skill users will be added to the leaderboards so that their names and products become known by the community.

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