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New version will be out very soon. I have to only finish description of guns and some stats that is all! :). First version will be as always for 1.0 only, it will also contain version switcher so you can switch to any version of CoD any time! Next version will be modified to work with with 1.3. If there won't be possibility to make my mod work with both versions I will release separated versions for each version 1.0 and 1.3 of COD 2. Later I will make version with HUD.

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I think there will be quite a lot changes. I won't write all of them now but it general -

-New improved smoke effects and muzzleflash-New gameplay type-New scopes
-New guns (G41, DP-28)
-New maps
-Remade machine-guns (again :D)
-Stats of guns changed again. This time even more realistic I hope.-Sprint mod
-New skins-New sounds

I can't remember right now how pre-release version looked like, so I can't name all the changes. These are those I am sure they're new.

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