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Rolo Polo (Alpha) is deployed and ready to play! Please try out our game and leave a comment.

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Hello all, and happy new year!

We at Carpe Noctem Coding have been developing a little game for the last year and it is finally in a alpha stage and we want the general public's feedback as to what they think.

Our objective was to create a game that would be fun for friends and FAMILIES to play together yet still allow competition. The result was a quirky retro style moba game - “Rolo Polo”.

Enjoy the nostalgia of retro games from the 80's and 90's? Enjoy playing team-based games with your friends and family? Well, then we have a game for you! Rolo Polo! In Rolo Polo, explore maps to defeat bosses and find powerful items to destroy your enemy's base. Don't forget to guard your base in the heat of battle, or your enemy will destroy you.

Rolo Polo is a Free-to-Play game! Rolo Polo combines the adventure qualities from Mario Bros. with the competitive MOBA-style gameplay of League of Legends. MOBA games have the tendency to be toxic, but Rolo Polo will be a clean, family friendly MOBA.

You can download and play the alpha release here for free:

We also have a simple movie up but screen shots and more detailed movies to come.

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