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This is the readme for the module. Please read it as it has important details about playing the modules.

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The Job Search Readme
Version 1.0

Known Issues (associated with patch 1.69)

Modules need to run under Neverwinter Nights version 1.69; however the modules do not support horse riding/combat. The modules still allow the receiving of the player skin ‘PC Properties.' In Chapter 3, at one point in the game, the player will be stripped of all belongings. The player is unequipped and then the entire inventory is taken-‘PC Properties' should still be equipped on the player. The script for OnModuleLoad has been updated to ‘x3_mod_def_load,' and the OnHeartbeat script ‘x3_mod_def_hb' has been enabled.

If PC Properties is removed from the player character, bugs are introduced.

Players who choose a pre-generated character will be affected by this issue in different ways. Those characters created by Bioware pre-expansion and for the expansions will not be able to ride horses at all without the OnClientEnter script ‘x3_mod_def_enter' (the skin will be given either by resting, entering the module, or by changing weapons through the toolbar).

Paladin characters that have access to the level 5 feat ‘Summon Mount' can still use the ability. However if the paladin character was rolled pre-expansion or for the expansions, the character will not have the ‘Mount Actions' feat and not be able to ride their summoned mount after ‘PC Properties' is removed. Please note that for paladin characters without the ‘Mount Actions' feat; if the player is still mounted when ‘PC Properties' is removed, they cannot get off the horse and rest (unless the player gets killed and chooses to respawn).

Players who roll a character in NWN 1.69 will receive the ‘Mount Actions' feat.

Software Requirements

  • Neverwinter Nights v1.69
  • This includes the two expansion packs Shadows of Undrentide and Hordes of the Underdark

How to play this module

  • Download the zip file: TheJobSearchAll
  • Extract the zip file contents: consists of all modules and this readme
  • Copy the .mod files into the Modules folder of your Neverwinter Nights directory
  • Copy JobSearchIntro.bik into the Movies folder of your Neverwinter Nights directory
  • Start up the game and go New
  • Select Other Modules
  • Scroll down until you hit JSChapter1, ToJSChapter2Athkatla, ToJSChapter2Murann, ToJSChapter3
  • Play

Details about the module

  • Feature complete as of November 26, 2012
  • ‘Bug free' as of this December 19, 2012. Please read the note regarding Known Issues
  • Module will take the player from level 1 to around level 11
  • IF you die however, click the Respawn option in the pop-up window with no xp or gold penalty (ignore what the GUI says).
  • You can play each module by itself. You will have the opportunity to retrieve the resume and letter items if you wish. These items are not necessary to advance in the module, but do help. At the beginning of chapter 2-the NPC Calduil will give you the resume item if you don't have it (on Longfellow's ship). At the beginning of chapter 3 (when you first arrive at Riatavin)-the NPC Zoltan will give you the resume and letter items if you don't have them
  • An original story set in the Forgotten Realms campaign setting and using some material from the DnD source book, ‘The Vilhon Reach' regarding locations and general information to build quests for the module
  • The DnD source book ‘Cormanthyr: Empire of the Elves' was used regarding general information
  • The DnD source book ‘Faiths and Pantheons' was used regarding general information
  • The Dnd Monster Manual Core Rulebook II (version 3.5) was used regarding general information
  • The DnD source book ‘Deities and Demigods' was used regarding general information
  • The website was used for general information regarding locations and campaign lore
  • was very useful regarding the player skin ‘PC Properties' and creature scaling
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