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I'm closing the Current project!!! Read it!!!

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Hi, After a long lull, I'm ready to go.

About the plot... In the company there is no story you can tell that it's just a set of levels,I'm going to fix it
Before that I did the levels for doom, made 16 levels (With the plot) Levels there was perhaps worse, somewhere better.
But then somehow imperceptibly I abandoned the Development
And stopped to play doom, and so on.
Maybe it depended on the study, as I have had exams and have to prepare,so I completely deleted the folder with Doom and with his company,Before that it was another company ("Moon"), but it was like this there is no story just the levels and everything! I know Boring.

Of course I will post on the website here this defect
There are only 4 levels and then level 4 as a horror Ask "why?"Answer Wanted to throw" Doom Slasher " and start making horror mod in the style of "Cry of fear", "Silent hill" and " Resident Evil"
Other and Psychedelic Modes for doom

Well, I scored again, back to the story...

The best plot (in my Opinion) Is Wad " Extermination Day"

Why is it the Best?, Yes, because there is so all corny that is Fine
Everything begins on Mars
Crash! Portal with monsters from hell!
Hmmm something to remember the same doom but Oh well...

By the way if someone was too lazy to read all this then explain
I close this project, no I do not close and recycle
all the materials are there they will stay!

And Yes, if anyone is interested, the Company which was before called

Battle for earth

There were 16 levels
1. The starting base of Marines (A Marines with)
2. Jungle
3. Nukage Station
4. Waste
5. Sewerage
6. Desert
7. The Whole City
8. The city was destroyed
9. A polygon with tanks
10. Destroyed base
11. Portal to Mars
12. Office
13. Station
14. Hell
15. Boss

Planned Levels 30 and it was the levels are not in order

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