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Added "Gun Game" mode, DM Desert map, created Steam group for scheduling game play events. Team deathmatch is in progress.

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In Progress
Currently I'm working on teams' support for PvP game modes. The Team Deathmatch will be the first team oriented game mode. If it goes fine, the round based team game mode will be added.


Changelog is available and is constantly updated in this file:
Dropbox txt file
You can always track what's in progress and what's done. The file will be edited to contain all the changes.

Reactive Drop is now on Desura as closed beta

I was looking for an easy autoupdater for a mod and decided to use Desura application for this purpose as it has everything I need. It allows painless and fast mod updating, installing and reinstalling. Also there is a built-in simple update checker in the mod. It will show you the dialog about an update if it is available. However I don't want to force people to register on Desura and would like to make a built-in autoupdater for a mod. But it will take too much time. Although I have an idea how to make it.
If you want to help with testing new mod features drop me a PM and I will send you an invite to beta testing. But don't do this if you just want to play the mod, since there are some not yet ready features and bugs which must be fixed before the mod will be enjoyable to play. The public release will be soon available. So be patient ^^

DM Desert Map Added

DM Desert Map Updated

"Gun Game" Mode Added

In "Gun Game" mode you have only one weapon given you by the server. After each kill you get a new weapon. The last weapon given is a chainsaw. After someone earns a frag with chainsaw he wins the round.

To enable this game mode press "L" button or type in console "rd_gungame_enable" without quotes.
To disable press "K" or "rd_gungame_disable"

A new steam group for scheduling game play events is created

If you want to play Reactive Drop make sure you schedule an event in that group so other players will be able to see it and join your game.

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