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Added Team Deathmatch, new Alien flags for mappers.

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Team Deathmatch has Arrived

After a long coding, feature implementing and bug fixing the Team Deathmatch game mode is delivered. Currently it can be enabled\disabled on any DM map using console commands:
Or using keyboard keys "0" and "9" respectively, see cfg/deathmatch.cfg for details.
A new console command cl_select_loadout was added and bound to "m" key. It is used to select a marine and weapons for PvP game modes.
HUD and Loadout panel now show only team members.

The implementation of this game mode opens doors for new different team oriented game modes, like team elimination, capture the flag etc. It will probably be possible to allow mappers to create their own custom team vs team oriented scenarios. Something like "one team have to destroy one of 2 objects on a map, other team must stop them", or "one team needs to download critical data from one of 5 computers on a map and escape, other team must prevent this" etc.

General New Features

rd_deathmatch_loadout_allowed console variable controls whether the loadout is allowed for Deathmatch.
Added ladders support.
Added these flags for all alien NPCs, they can be set up using Hammer editor: flammable, teslable, freezable, extrahealth, sizescale, speedscale. These flags will allow mappers to significantly customize gameplay on their maps by creating stronger and faster aliens. It will be possible to create Bosses which will have a lot of HP and will be hard/uncommon to kill. There are plans of implementing a survival game mode, similar to DOW2 The Last Standalone, where marines have unlimited ammo and rechargeable extra items, they can revive the fallen squad mates...

The next step will be a round based team oriented game mode and a new map for this game mode.

This update has been upload to Desura and is currently waiting for approval.

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