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Hello, I am the developer of this game, I'm currently in the army and I don't have too much time to develop but I try :) I haven't yet seen success from my games but I don't mind, I like what I'm doing.

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Reaction, or as in the next version "Tap Reaction" due to the large amount of games already named reaction, is a simple and time consuming game, I have first developed it just for friends to play while we have free time in the army, after getting positive reviews from fellow soldiers I have decided to release it to Google App Store.


So, you might be asking yourself, so... what's the point of this game?

Easy, in one sentence? Tap and see.

In a paragraph? Basically this game is a simple tap and don't crash into obstacles style game, some what like flappy bird, but without the annoying physics and the impossible gameplay. Reaction focuses on the players response time, as you progress more and more the speed becomes faster and faster. What a great way to train your brain!

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For me, it's not about money, I don't care about how much I make from a game, the only thing that truly makes me happy is if I see a lot of positive reviews and lots of downloads, that's why I am planning on donating a part of the earning from Reaction to charity, games should be about fun and not about money.

P.S - My mom says I'm retarded, help me prove her wrong

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