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Recently I was looking for the add-on to go along with most of the improvements of Half-Life (simplistic ones,) and I wasn't able to find any kind of improvement over They Hunger Weapon Bucket sprites.

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I was looking toward reworking Weapon Buckets (Weapon sprites on the HUD) from Orange to Red, cleaning some clutter and visually improving them.

I am not able to do this because I don't have the exact talent nor software to do so at the moment.

So if anyone knows rather if this add-on was already released, or a way to do it, or if anyone can do it please let know in the comments. (Because I think they do seem like they need improvement.)

Update: I know I didn't show the other - Dynamite, TEC-9 and Taurus sprites, but they all also not seem like finished properly and possibly could be redone. If you have any opinion please tell. Thanks. (Below is a showcase to DEFAULT weapon buckets.)

weapon buckets

drakonuid5 - - 54 comments

Looks good

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silentenor Author
silentenor - - 265 comments

I will clarify the article a bit. Update: I clarified the article a bit more to its point. Sorry for not making it clear from the beginning and making it seem like the default orange weapon buckets are new.

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PsyWarVeteran - - 1,998 comments

Post this to Gamebanana instead if you haven't done so already. They have a whole system dedicated to requests with rewards and such.

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silentenor Author
silentenor - - 265 comments

Well I haven't thought of this at first so thanks.

Update: I'm the new member of Gamebanana now.

To make the request I need points. I don't have ANY at the moment.

So this will take a while, I would like to keep this as news for now, may I?

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r.sempel - - 160 comments

what exactly needs to be changed? and I know of 2 programs that can be used to modify the sprites: sprite wizard and sprite viewer. And of course a texture editing program like paint shop pro or maybe ms paint is needed but i assume you have one of the 2.

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