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Updates concerning the Halo: Re-freshed mod for Halo: PC.

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Its been a long month of modding. Texture's imported and exported, models debugged all while trying to figure out how to rebuild Singleplayer maps with eschaton.
The mod is simple in a way since I have looked on the internet for great mods I have come across Halo 3/reach mods for Halo: PC which was what I wanted to play, but when I found out that either the mods were not complete or they only affected trial for the mac I got a bit peeved.

So I decided to churn out a COMPLETE mod for halo: PC, one which will completly revamp textures and gameplay for the users, and thus Halo: Re-freshed twas born.

It went good at first, importing my first models into my beta map timberland, I went through the trial and error system and managed to complete the beta map.

Now I'm working on the fan favorite the silent cartographer, and its going quite well, one again I'm going through trial and error (the halo 3 model for the pelican would not draw in game) so I need to start off fresh.
i know I said that it is coming out in october (mayb a litttle sooner) but it was for good reason, I'm still in high school and I need to complet a LOT of work for school, but hopefully staying up late with pepsi in one hand and a mouse in the other I should prevail.

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