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This news is about why there hasn't been anything going on lately about this mod

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Well its been quiet a while since I have last updated this mod. Of course there quiet a few reasons behind it mainly because I have run into so many bugs and errors that the mod just simply crashes on startup and well it's been very hard trying to fix all those bugs and that the fact that this mod contains very little at the moment, of course though that doesn't mean that I will just simply stop developing the mod.

Another reason being that at the time of release of this mod I thought I could create something big but I wasn't very experienced at modding Freelancer and well again it let up to all those errors and bugs but I have learned so much since then, I have learned to mod Freelancer better and I have compiled some music which I can see that might fit very well into the game and learned to do many others thing than just edit systems but I believe that I haven't reached a level of experience yet to accually develop a proper mod out of this, again that doesn't mean that I will stop developing the mod, and for those of you who think this mod may be dead, it isn't I prefer that this mod is considered to be "on ice" as they say cause just about every day I get ideas on what to add to this mod. It's just that I released this mod way to early for people to try and/or play.

And yet another reason on why there hasn't been much going on with this mod is because of the fact I go to TAFE (AKA tertiary school) to learn on how to do these things because I plan to become a games designer in the future so that will be potentially a plus for this mod's future which does leave me little time to accually work on this mod but I definitely do plan to work on this mod again even if I have make this mod entirely from scratch so I just thought I ought to let those, who use this mod, know that this isn't the end of the line for this mod, more like the beginning of something new and greater............

Crocodile Jonesy

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