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Up to four players pit themselves against each other for points and glory in this gratuitous deathmatch based on RDZ Industries: Project Y4! Download it now!

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Arena Y4 is probably the fastest map I've ever turned around. So what if I spent two years on its basis? So what if it is brutally streamlined and hideously imbalanced? Get yo ass in gear and get to playing it!

ArenaY4 wrote: Several months after the success of the AP-AM prototype's first live trials during the incident at Facility EY43, the final production version - the Epsilon - is now ready for its own trials before going on the open market.

RDZ Industries: Arena Y4

Arena Y4 Arena Y4: EpsilonArena Y4
Arena Y4: EquipmentArena Y4

If you're not into playing online, the bots will see you right as they fill the empty slots. And if like what you see in this little snippet, well, there's a great big singleplayer adventure right here.

A little whisper about R02 to keep you going -- along with all its standard additions, it looks like it's going to have music too! But don't let that stop you enjoying R01d, because R02 is still a fairly long way off. When It's Ready, Soon, etc etc etc.

RDZ Industries: Project Y4 R01d


Awesome. :)

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I was looking forward for a kind of rdz-industries online! thank you :D

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That's really cool, I demand more.

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