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RC MOD V1.03 - Requires Version 1.01's Main Installation to be installed.

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Yay it's my Birthday! So to celebrate :p

RC MOD V1.03

-RC Mod Update Installation-
In the Download section of this site!

TORRENT (requires a torrent downloader!)
-IF You cant connect within 10 minutes i suggest you just download it via ModDB ;)
~ If you are able please seed :p ~

Just download it and run it ;) Simple as that :p
It should work just fine, if it does not then PLEASE tell me ;)

A minor change to the instructions...
After step 5 (running the updater)...

6-EXTRACT the in your installed directory for the movies!

RC MOD V1.01
READ the instructions first!!!
-RC Mod Main Installation- <-only needed the first time you install the mod AFTER VERSION 1.01 (so all who download now need to download this one too!)
-RC Mod CD- <-only needed to run the mod if you do not have ROTWK
~Basic Info~

Version 1.03 - September 8, 2009

Faramir - Reskin
Tower Guards (HD Version)

Theoden -Reskin + Model
Merry - Reskin

Haldir - Rebind
Arwen - New Power

Gimli -Reskin + Model

Saruman -Reskin
Lurtz -Reskin
Isengard Scout
Isengard Captain

Gothmog - NEW HERO! :p
Black orc Archers

-Ridder Clan-
Ridder Mage - New Model + New Skin + New Powers
Ridder Zwart - NEW HERO! :p

Cradon Added
Durgos Added

NEW Faction!
Captain of Harad - NEW HERO ~ for harad 5 times ;) :p (will be changed to 2x later)

~Ring Hero Enable Mode Glitch- The ring may be dropped several times due to an error we will fix in the next release...

Harad Background!

...And more minor things! :p

Quote taken from Install file from the RC MOD on September 8th, 2009

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