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STALKER Rebalanced v1.2 RC1.2 Download and dropbox location for use by Team Rebalanced only.

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Hello Team Rebalanced, It's been a while.

Please look in the Mediafire FileDrop folder linked above. There you should find 14 x .rar files and the user.ltx (soz, I forgot to include it in the rar until after I'd started uploading). I apologise for so many files, although MediaFire allows me 50Gb for free, it limits me to 200Mb max file size, so I had to split the archive with Winrar's 98Mb option.

It's a massive 1.5Gb d/l that will unzip to 2.5Gb. There is a lot of messy temp and backup files and the like in there too, these can be thinned out for the final release.

You will find a GAMEDATA folder you will know what to do with. The user.ltx is for the graphics settings to match the shaders. The shortcut file is so that you can see the command line switches that I use. The raft of .dll files are; updated audio .ddls (there may even be newer ones since then), 4gig RAM file fix (I forget what the different options do, something to do with your CPU type...) and increased grass draw distance options (I forget how many tiles I ended up going with in the end).

This is a new full release, it is not compatible with any previous version of Reb or saves and it is intended for use on the SHOC v1.0005 patch. Just in case that wasn't already clear. lol.

This info is intended only for use by Team Rebalanced, please let me know if this news post ends up being posted to the general public by mistake. Please don't distribute these files or the dropbox location with anyone who is not a member of Team Rebalanced. Thank you, I have placed my faith in you.

enjoy, rock on.


_storm_shadow_ Author

Description of the included binaries, Sound Engine:


These binaries are updated from the retail release, they fix/reduce some crashes related to the use of certain Sound Blaster cards. These files are from Imperial Reign's Ambient Audio Overhaul mod, which is included in Reb in full. His comments below:

Included with AAO (since original version), and also part of the SWO3 release (IIRC). Also, unless I'm mistaken, I've been the primary *push* for the mod scene adopting the new audio libraries as well. The older BF2 OAL.dll was a work-around for audio-related game crashes people were having back during the early days of WIN Vista (though no one was having issues with XP at the time - lots of technical on this, which I'll not delve into here).

Actually, the BF2 OAL32 is an older version than the one I've provided with AAO. The EAX.dll is actually nabbed from FEAR, and is the most current version of this library available on the i-nets (v4.0.0.2 IIRC)... even the eax.dll used in Doom3 and Thief eadly Shadows (both support EAX5.0HD) is an old release library.

wrap_OAL.dll is hit or miss. The library I provided is the newest I could get my hands on, and that works with SoC (not all versions will)... *but* it DOES NOT work with either CS or CoP. The changes to x-ray are looking for a specific file version, not just a named library, as some of the internal architecture of the library was changed with newer updates. Through all my testing, the only version of wrap_OAL.dll that works with x-ray 1.5 and 1.6 are the versions that were released with the game...

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_storm_shadow_ Author

Description of the included binaries, Large Memory Aware:


These binaries are from Techno Bacon's STALKER Soup mod. He gave me permission by email to use these in Reb. His comments below:

also, have you tried using one of the extended xrgame..dll files? the 134 version gives me 3.88gig of ram to use. not 100% sure of the differences in the extended xrgame.dll files but all three support the digital zoom, new in dmx133/134, as well as containing the ‘large address aware’ header for win32/64

And from his readme:


To achieve more ram for renderer, the xrgame.dll file in the STALKER bin folder needs
to be changed.

There are three versions provided that are known to work:

4gig_132_verified - Version of 2-29-2008, works well with some older versions.

4gig_133_verified - Version of 11-21-2010, so far the most stable (least cstack errors). RECOMMENDED

4gig_134_verified - Version of 10-26-2010, verified for Steam but still evaluating overall performance
and stability.

ALSO: Field of View switcher for ver 1.0005 xrGame.dll that gives standard FOV or 90
degree FOV while NOT disturbing the large address patch.
Remember that the collision distance was set based on the standard FOV thus you will
see through cracks and corners when against walls when in 90 FOV.

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_storm_shadow_ Author

Description of the included binaries, Extended Grass Draw Distance:


These binaries are from XiaNi's Increased range rendering of grass, translated by Bamah.

XiaNi's comments here:
"Range rendering grass is now limited only by the number of slots in the level.details and the amount of memory allocated for instance CDetailManager.
supports all renderers SoC 1.0004, 1.0005, 1.0006; CS 1.5.10; CoP 1.6.02. >> binary patcher libraries xrRender_R *. dll on Perl: v.0.8 >> Also see the thread render in XRay extensions especially for foreign Komrad - this thing is set up fellow KD aka KD87 with the participation of persons listed in the readme.txt. Older screenshots: Animated comparison (full-size images, high traffic )"

Bamah's comments here:
"In Stalker grass is drawn by default 49x49 square cells with the player at the center. However, the
in this box are imposed some processing engine, so that in fact it is almost a circle
with a radius of about 49.
The parameter line must specify a new range of "circle."
Warning, do not fit any number. It must:
a) be odd
b) to give 1 as the remainder of division by 4.
Example: 53,57,89,97,125 well, something. Think for yourself, these numbers dofiga.
The rest is at your own risk.
The maximum number of as yet unknown. Stalker works fine PM and 401 meter
radius of the drawing. Pick a comfortable fps on your machine."

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