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Razenroth - randomly generated roguelike/RPG shooter has been officially released on Steam.

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Our second game - Razenroth, is finally available to buy. The first game we've made was Stonerid,
2d platform game, made in XNA. Instead of making its sequel or other platformer, we decided to create something completely different.

Steam Store Page:

One of the most important thing about the game is a fact that many elements are randomly generated. All the levels, weather conditions, distribution and quantity of key elements are completely randomly generated. So even if you'll play Razenroth a few times, you won't discover everything. There are also many other nice features like:

  • Over 200 items (powerfull spell, magic books, potions, equipment)
  • Dozen creatures and bosses to kill
  • Interactive elements like shrines, chests, and some rare graves, altars, merchants etc.
  • Unlockable characters. You'll get a chance to unlock additional playable characters with different statistics, and skills.
  • Character leveling system. By killing monsters you get experience points which allow your character to level up. You can improve some of the basic stats like hp, mana, critical damage, etc. Additionally there are also over a dozen of powerful skills to improve.

Few days ago we've released official trailer (, however there are some first gameplays started to appear on YouTube. Look at this one below, to see how the game looks like in action.

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