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RAWAR, a simple strategy game for Android has been released on SlideDB

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Hello all, I'm a new dev here and I thought it would be nice to present RAWAR to you.

RAWAR is a simple strategy game for Android. You need to send soldiers and ships around a map and plunder all lands. That's all there is to it.

Although this may seem simple, RAWAR took a lot of time to develop. I had a first playable version after a few weeks. Then the polishing process started. I found out that a lot of fun depended on the map-design, the AI-design and the balancing of forces.

I've tried a lot of different units, buildings and so on, but they all were deleted from the game.

RAWAR mapdesign

The mapdesign-procedure has changed numerous times and now finaly I'm happy with it. There are just enough mountains and trees, there are rivers, which add considerably to the gameplay and the landmass is not too large and not too small.

After a year of trial and error this is the current state of the game. It has an online and offline version, all for free. It has 3 unit types, 4 building types and nothing more.

I hope you like it, have fun!


Daan Kogelmans

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