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Some crazy mutated nature is right here ! Check the video.

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Well, Unity is a bitch as always, crashing here and there, so no lightmaps yet, but here it is ! Pretty damn proud of myself =)

The track is "Blink" by Ajgor, took just for the vid.

Blocked out the second level before detailing. Came up with the seruous issue - if your mech can jump and fly, its really impossible to make any borders at all. Decided to make every next scene more loose and free, there is no point in making walls really. Just let em go wherever they please.




Monorail holders was simple and boring, so a gave them a new special look


And those new scenery nature of the new world - some crazy mutated stuff is going on here !



Check this out ! A wonderful person and an exelent actress, Hayley Nelson (Haylizbeth) is doing our voice for Rin !


Check her vebsite !

Thats it for now folks, leave your feedback, share with friends ! =)

notaclevername - - 522 comments

Everything looks amazing, you could limit the mechs elevation and make it seem heavier when it reaches a certain altitude. Is the mech thrusting to fly? or flying like a aircraft? If it was thrusters you just limit how long you can thrust for, then make invisible boundaries keeping the mech inside the level.

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zagmodell Author
zagmodell - - 35 comments

well, its not a "flying" really, more like double jumping and gliding. Flying like an aircraft would be too much work for me, imagine the size and scale of the surroundings =)

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Guest - - 698,640 comments

gahhh the click bait butt got me again

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zagmodell Author
zagmodell - - 35 comments

What did you expect ? There is still butt in the video ! =)

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DBE - - 22 comments

Looks great. Like the preview image!

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taintedpyro813 - - 664 comments

Nice, keep up the good work

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Valtyr - - 9 comments

Asset work is solid. Love to see some more gameplay maybe missions/goals being played out. Keep up the good work! =)

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zagmodell Author
zagmodell - - 35 comments

Thanks ! One step at a time )

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