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During our initial public showcase to demonstrate game-play, mechanics, features, and to heighten awareness to gain willing participants for testing; parts of the game were taken at face value and judged rather harshly. I wanted to take a moment to explain some of them and to give notice of an upcoming event.

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One of the major maps played in R.A.T.S. last weekend, and the first map shown in our latest video, is a map called the "Garage." It is, of course, a map of a garage, and you can access several areas like the workbench, the station wagon, and the shelves stocked with cardboard boxes. As a standalone map it was designed for quick, close-quarters, action with a few choice areas for sniping and a perfect candidate for the "death match" game mode that was hosted.

The harshest judged with our initial public showcase was the graphics. Our intention was to show the game-play, mechanics, features, and overall that it's a playable game for multiple players online and that we're searching for interested players to help bug test. The game mode featured was taken literally as the only game mode available, which is not the case, and the graphics taken as our final product; also not the case. Production quality takes a lot of time with our limited hardware and the higher the quality the more time it takes on this hardware.

I have a comparison screen-shot I want to share that will show you what to expect from R.A.T.S. when the time is permitted. Maps will be updated one-by-one until they are all completed but that will take time.

RATS Garage Production Comparison

The left is the original Garage map, as played by several, and as shown in the game-play video that was published. On the right is the Garage map with production lighting and global illumination. It is a night and day difference.

By the time I got to writing this post the Garage map has actually been edited for the benefit of game-play. More areas to access, cover to hide behind, and much more. I won't be sharing the details of those edits here; you will have to play it this Saturday instead.

If you are interested in R.A.T.S., and would like to try it for yourself, just contact us here on ModDB, or join our Steam Community group. We will be hosting a game this Saturday (September 06, 2014) at 12:00 noon eastern time.

Thank you for reading.

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