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Rather Be Dead pre-alpha 0.1.15 released. Zombies attack, basic houses and more!

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* Players can now take damage and die, then can respawn.
* First-pass integration of buildings (non-editable)
* Desaturation effect when low health
* Zombies chase and attack the player ([B003])
* Sound events triggered through the AI system, so all zombies within 200m will react to a loud gunshot
* Almost all content is packed inside a single content file for performance and ease of updating.
* Launcher now shows download percentages per file and overall (from this version onward, old manifests don't contain enough information)

* Day/night cycle lengthened, from 10 minutes per 24 hours to 20 minutes per 24 hours.
* Pistol and Axe now have cooldowns to prevent spamming
* Axe damage has a chance to single-shot zombies
* Zombies search distance reduced, but sight distance increased. It means you need to be closer to them for them to see you, but will chase you for longer.
* Updated the logo in-game and in the browser
* Updated the installer with better look and feel, fixed the icon not appearing on the shortcut

* Next/Previous/Direct inventory buttons causing an invalid inventory state, crashing the game ([B007])
* UI elements not properly positioning when the window is resized ([B001])

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