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A Development Log about a new Hokage outfit and upcoming feature called Companions which includes some previews.

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Dear Ninja,

This is a small update from the new artist on our team, @[member="Raphael"] and our beloved team member, @[member="Fernando"]. I did not participate in completing this update except adding them in game, but I will be presenting it for them since they are both inexperienced at writing these, and we need more updates to show obviously.

The Companions will not be in this alpha. They are just an early concept we are planning for beta. But if we get time, we may push them in an Open Alpha 3 update since it will last for several months.

Hokage Outfit
Now, we already got a Hokage Outfit, so why might we need another one? Well, we're going to bring forth the 4th! Since, the 3rd has kind of already been made... zzz




We're going to have Summoned Companions which can be created using elemental Jutsus such as an Earth Golem, or by using a Puppet Companion while specialized as a Puppet Master. You also essentially will be able to pick the path your character will go in the game during the beta phase not during the alpha phase.

You will be able to control these units, think of it like a RTS (real-time strategy game). You essentially can send it to attack units and use its abilities via a Companion Hotbar (multiple units will be shifted through using a shortcut key and this will change the available Jutsus in the Hotbar). These companions will have actual Jutsus that are very important to use at the right time! Now just imagine, if you had 10 or more of these puppets to control - now that will take a lot to master!


We will probably not get time to add in Companions by Open Alpha 3.

The Hokage Outfit will likely only be used for a NPC and probably not be made available for players. If we do decide to make it available, it will most likely be a Cash Shop item. This outfit is essentially just to be a fan service to the community and possibly used for an important NPC in the game.

The Hokage outfit was done by Raphael and the other art pieces were done by master, Fernando.

I will be posting my Development Log next, stay tuned!

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