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See here to see what ranks you will acquire and how you will acquire them.

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Grand Master-JTS12

Council-so far, no one






TheJedi Starkiller

Rank Advance instructions

Trainees-Once you join the group you have automatically become a trainee. Trainees do not have the authority to add media or articles the group.

Private-To become a private you must complete all of the training excercises given to you by a superior officer who has chosen you.(You may ask a superior to train you XD) Your superior officer will give you tasks that he or she will come up with. Example:Go with a strike team to help liberate a planet. P.S. A private may add media to the group but does not have the authority to train a trainee.

Seargeant-After becoming a private, you are detached from your commanding officer. To become a seargeant you must show great bravery as a private in battle, and you have the ability to train a trainee.

Captain-To become a Captain, you must have successfully instructed a trainee and shown your leadership skills in battle.

General-To become a general you must have successfully liberated three planets from our enemies, You will find enemies in allies and enemies article, and shown that you are one to be looked up to as a superior.

Master-To become a master, You must show great understanding of the Force, show great bravery, activity in the group, and recruited at least one member don't get pushy when recruiting though


To get on the council you must be claimed worthy of being on the council by the Grand master.
Being on the council means that you have the ability to decide with the rest of the council what we should possibly do differently or what we should do in times of crisis.

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When and how do we begin training?

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JTS12 Author
JTS12 - - 179 comments

We can begin immediately, PM me and we'll get started.

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